So I am running terribly behind schedule, and therefore decided to make an inane post here. Because, logic.

What are you guys up to today? Anything fun?

I mentioned yesterday I was doing a big meal tonight - I've found all the necessary shops, and the raisins are already soaking in the rum. The flat now stinks of rum. I've done some tidying up, but still want to finish off some cleaning. Technically it could wait, but it's just irritating me.

Mr Kay Kay mentioned (somewhat apologetically) this morning that he was almost completely out of pants and shirts. This is unsurprising considering I haven't done any laundry in three weeks. As I fucking hate laundry. I'm pretty much down to my last pairs of pants too. So....cut to now and the third set of laundry is in the machine (with a fourth still to go), and I'll take the first two loads down to the launderette for drying in a minute, then head straight over to pick up the ingredients for tonight.

Then it will be time to get the meat in the marinade, and on the very sage advice of you guys, make the starter, the mashed potatoes, and prep the apples (though I will leave the raisins in the rum a bit longer).

Then pick up laundry, come home, fold it, put it away, then drop off the other two loads for drying, and hopefully go to the gym. Then repeat first step.


Then home, shower (maybe a nap?!), start setting up the flat (I am shoving some candles into empty bottles of cava, because I am extremely classy).

Then it's basically tarting myself up a bit and finishing off the cooking.

This counts as a busy day for me, although when I compare it to when I was working full time it doesn't really feel like I'm doing anything...