The holidays kicked my ass. Then I got sick. Then I was sick of being sick and holiday obligations and I went on a party binge from Tuesday-Thursday.

And here we are. A painting I need to get done today, starting it today.

I'm not a huge procrastinator, but I do intentionally push projects like this to the last minute because I actually work more efficiently. I think the end product will be the same either way, but if I am limited with my time, I won't fuck around in the middle agonizing over decisions or picking at a little part of the painting. I can just be like, STEP ONE GO! STEP TWO GO! STEP THREE GO!

I do pet paintings in clothing by commission so I have kind of a system down. My only worry today is that this one has three pets in one and usually I just do one and OCCASIONALLY two. So I hope I can keep moving. There is also a cat involved, which I am not as quick at because I've only painted a few cats in my life and approximately 40000 dogs.

How are y'all spending your Sunday?