I'm dressed like a first-world head case: fuzzy mules, university sweatpants (with the logo down the side, you know the ones) cuffed into capris, Generic Black Tank, peacoat, glasses, and the tricorn hat I made tonight.
I'm sitting on my back porch smoking a cigarillo and drinking Shiraz. I'm listening to La traviata through the open window. Levitas Cat is on the other side of the window screen, lamenting his oppressed inside-cat lifestyle.
I have so many little things and a few big things to do before I peel out of town tomorrow morning for my pirate camping trip at Renn Fest, and I'm a little overwhelmed. Actually, I'm lonely. Sometimes I wish I cohabitated or were pair-bonded, because I'd have somebody to narrate my life to and to be accountable to. This is definitely one of those times. Hence this post.
Talk to me, Goose.