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Procrastination through productivity.

What I should be doing today: Coming up with a curriculum for an English 2 class I will be teaching in November.

What I have actually done today: Have catch-up breakfast with a friend, vacuum, mop, water both the front and back yards, do a load of dishes, call the power company to find out why we haven't gotten a bill yet (turns out they forgot to submit our application...oops!!), upgrade my operating system to Mountain Lion, download 2Do for Mac so I can sync with my phone (productivity!!!), move all the living room furniture in preparation for our new couch—which will be delivered tonight.

Things I will likely do with the rest of my day instead of aforementioned thing I should do: laundry, clean the kitchen, watch all of my tv shows from this week on Hulu, start drinking mid-afternoon because...Friday!


Being a grown-up is hard.

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