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I just got new business cards in the mail and let me just go ahead and shamelessly promote the company:

Moo.com. The cards are extremely beautiful and high quality, made from largely recyclable paper (as is a sturdy box/case they give you that you can carry them in). They send you an email when your cards go to print, their customer service is extremely helpful. Everything was packaged very carefully so nary a corner was bent. They are a thicker weight than your standard card. They make it very easy to upload your own designs which has given me problems in the past with other companies. You can do up to 50 different designs for one side of the card (so if you had a business logo on one, and each employee on the other, but these were just for me).


And they're not terribly expensive - I got 200 for about $80 after shipping and tax.

Anything you want to give a shout out to?

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