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Product review: Anastasia Hypercolor Hair and Brow Powder

On my usual blog, I talk about coding and writing and accessibility stuff. It's not really a place for squealing about beauty products and nail polish. Why not do that here?!

I saw this product a while back at Ulta's, but I wanted to research it a bit before taking the plunge. I've had bad experiences with 'temporary' hair dyes not washing out. I literally spent half of my first grade with pink bangs due a can of temporary hair color, and a mother who didn't have the sense to test it on the tips of my hair.


I didn't find any warnings about it not coming out, so I ran back and got some in teal and pink.

It's a powder, much like a blush or eyeshadow. You apply it by removing the top, then taking a strand of hair and pressing it onto the powder, sliding the container from the top of the strand to the bottom. I found a flat lock of hair about an inch wide worked best.

My findings:

  • It is really nicely pigmented, but if you have dark hair, this isn't going to work for you. It shows up on me great, and I'm a medium brown with blond highlights. I saw several reports of it not taking on women with black hair.
  • This is not a grab-and-go product. You're going to need hair spray and leave-in conditioner / detangler. I also strongly suggest having some disposable gloves, unless you love washing your hands for ten minutes.
  • It does wash out! I freaked out when I noticed a bit of pink left on my first go around, but it came out the next time I shampooed.
  • Style your hair first, then put it in. Then, do not touch your hair. Technically, it gets 'set' with the hairspray, but I noticed that the more I fussed with my hair, the weaker the color got.
  • If it's blotchy, run a brush through it once. Anymore, and the color starts getting weaker and weaker.
  • I didn't notice it coming off on to my clothes, but I was also wearing a rather dark outfit.
  • This works best on day-old hair.

If you have light-t0-medium colored hair, I totally recommend this product. It's fun, it's fast, and it isn't as messy as I expected it to be. Also, since it's a powder, it's much more travel friendly than some other temporary dye products.


You can get Hypercolor online, or at higher-end beauty stores.

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