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Product Spotlight: Urban Decay's Naked: Flushed

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Hi guys! Today I want to chat about a product that I've been using a lot lately, and totally loving. You know how every makeup addict is always looking for that perfect contouring palette? That one thing that she can just throw in her handbag and be good to go? Well, for me at least, that product has been obtained.

First, a disclosure. I'm white, guys. Like, really REALLY white. So all my lovely darker skinned gals? This one probably isn't going to be your ideal product. While the highlighter and blush are perfectly flattering shades on just about everyone, the bronzer is a fairly light color. Great for making me look sun-kissed without any weird orange effects, not so great for those who actually sometimes get to get out in the sun, or are just lucky enough to have more melanin than I do. Ah, desk job, someday I'll get to leave you, and that day will have me crying tears of joy! Sunlight! Freedom! *ahem* sorry got sidetracked there.


Now, on to the review!

Look at the pretty packaging! The color doesn't show up great here, but it's a beautifully rose-gold compact with the raised gold lettering. It's got magnets holding it together, and feels very sturdy and hardy. Yes, I'm a sucker for good packaging. I've always judged books by their covers, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon!


(Just an FYI - that gold paper? Behind it is a nice big mirror. Lovely to use when applying ones makeup during ones commute - no, I would never do such a thing! *looks around shiftily* - not so lovely when trying to take a decent picture. The flash got a little crazy, and not using a flash didn't capture the colors properly. Can this be my first Beauty Blogger Problem???)

The formulation of the product is definitely up to Urban Decay's usual high standards - though the pigmentation of the bronzer does leave a little something to be desired. While the perfect color and matte (an essential in bronzer if you have naturally shiny skin like me!), it does take a little bit of work to get it to show up. Which, really, is not the absolute worst problem you could have with this kind of product. Layering, especially when using powder products to contour, is essential, and having something that is buildable is more useful than not.


Both the highlighter and blush have a slight shimmer, and I'll be honest - some might find it too glittery. But this is ME we are talking about, and I'm all about that. The pigmentation in the blush is probably the best out of the trio, it only takes a small swipe of your brush to get enough color for both cheeks. At least in the pan, the glitter looks like it's just too much, but on your cheeks it just gives a nice, delicate glow.

Honestly, the highlighter is probably my favorite out of all three products. After being sorely disappointed by Benefit's High Beam (seriously, I hated it. maybe it works better mixed in with a bit of your foundation, but on its own I just couldn't find anything good about it. hard to apply, difficult to blend, and made you look like a freaking disco ball. no thanks.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that powder highlighters work muuuuuch better with my skin. It allows me to put on either a little or a lot (for either day or nighttime wear!), and lets me use differently sized brushes for different parts of my face. The versatility of this particular highlighter is amazing - I put it on my cheekbones and in strategic spots above my eyes, but it also works to help contour your nose and give your pout that extra little pop you've been searching for. The color is a beautiful very pale peach, which puts it far ahead of highlighters that are just a white shimmery powder. In my opinion it makes it look much more natural if the color is not so starkly pale.



As you can see, I've swatched the colors for you on my forearm. I really don't get out in the sun much - hence the blindingly pale color of my skin. But with luck, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from the palette, and how it might show up on your skin!

A last note: when looking at this again on Sephora's website, I noticed they've added another color option. Native. I.... I'm not actually sure what they were thinking, there - even if they meant 'native' in the most general use of the term: "A native of x place", it seems off at best. Looks like the blush is a brighter pink and the bronzer is a little big lighter? Have any of you seen this in person? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Ciao, mes petites choux! Until next time!

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