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So as some of you may know, I have cats! My cats are awesome fluffy bundles of love. Some people believe that giving cats a bath is "ridiculous" as they "clean themselves". All I have to say is, would you consider yourself clean if you licked your body all over? No, no you would not.
My cats think they are clean, but after about 3 weeks, they start to smell like corn chips. It's not awesome. They are still very soft and fluffy, they just get stinky. So we give them monthly/bi-monthly baths (sometimes we take pity on them).


Anyway Mr.Dude and I have a system set up where we get all the grooming done at once! We give them a nice furminator brushing, then clip their nails. After that we give them a nice bath. If it's the beginning of the month they get their Advantage Multi (supposedly protects from mosquitoes, which are a plague here). It works out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I am also the fastest nail clipper in town! I can get any cats claws clipped in under 5 minutes. I can get both my cats claws clipped in under a minute, front and back! But then I get this:

You see those white clumps? That's not horrible dandruff, no.

Those are cat claw remnants!

So that's ... ya know, kinda weird. I guess they'll come out in the shower. My cats are great bath takers though! They really love it. My siamese actually loves water and routinely shoves his head in faucets, like this cat:


Also, for reading all of this nonsense, I will post a cute gif of a hedgie getting a bath.


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