Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I procrastinate. A lot. A LOT. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that I’m just not cut out for sustained focus and work. (I’ve tried Pomodoro, etc - that’s all an issue for another day.) What I haven’t quite come to terms with is that I spend literally most of my day clicking “refresh” on Facebook or Groupthink, playing mindless online games, googling “cute puppies”, and a whole host of things that don’t even make me feel good but are more like reflexes (such as staring at my Google calendar without really digesting what’s on it, much less focusing on the next item coming up).

What I’d like to do is create a list of productive procrastination ideas, with “productive” used in a pretty broad sense. I’m talking about activities that are not stressful but still have some tiny shred of utility to them. That way, when I find myself clicking on Facebook on my browser tab, I can instead pick something from my list. I’ll list some of my ideas - please share yours, fellow procrastinators! (Also, please share any recommendations that fall into the below categories - these are ideas, but I haven’t really looked into where to find any of these.)

  • listen to informative podcasts á la Radiolab
  • solve math problems
  • write a card to a friend or family member
  • clean out one drawer or shelf (ie “fun cleaning”, not “soul-crushing endless cleaning”)
  • do five pushups (okay, this isn’t enjoyable at all, but I’ve heard it’s good incentive to get you back to work)
  • stretch one group of muscles
  • read a poem
  • write a blog post
  • go to Wikipedia’s “random article” and read one (and only one) article
  • work on sorting out your bibliographic references (I find it soothingly mindless, okay)
  • listen to one 15-minute foreign-language lesson
  • do research on career options (strangely, also soothing when done in moderation)
  • clean out inbox
  • prepare salad or smoothie for next day (I never, ever cook, so even putting together a simple salad is not a given)
  • other?

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