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I'm up at school, in the library and I should really be grading, but I just can't get my brain to work. Last week was just so stressful, and this week won't be any better, at least not until the hiring committee I'm waiting to hear back from pulls the knife out of my chest and lets me know that I didn't get my dream job, but hey, I'm a great guy and they really enjoyed meeting me.

Last night, I did finally grownup-up and stop dodging my mom's phone calls. We're meeting for lunch tomorrow; she finished the quilt she was making for the new baby.

I suppose I'm doing that irritating thing where I vent vaguely about decontextualized stressors in my life right now. There's backstory to all of this, but it's all too much to unload right now. I need a drink. I need several.

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