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Professional Selfies

... do not exist.

I'm currently putting together a website for a company that includes a "team" page with little mini-bios and photos of the employees. Professional photos were taken, but one woman doesn't like hers and keeps asking to use various inappropriate images instead (wedding pics, selfies).


I'm emailing back and forth with my client and her boss (who is extremely nice), and when my client asked me what I thought, well, I was honest: "Frankly, it's not professional. She's lucky you're a nice boss, because if it were me, I wouldn't allow it."

So the client changed her mind and told me to pick a pro photo.

I feel a little like a jerk because I know for this employee her photo is probably a big deal — people get wrapped up in photos of themselves and I know what it's like to feel like you're being misrepresented (I am not photogenic). HOWEVER her photos are fine, not unflattering and the professionalism is noticeable.


It gets me thinking about selfie culture... (OH GAWD AGAIN? YES AGAIN.) I do think selfie culture and selfies themselves allow women to control the way they're seen and viewed, which is fabulous. But I also think it makes people — not just women — focus too much on the level of attractiveness in an image. Some images aren't 100% about you looking good. Some of them are about projecting a certain — say company? — image.

I mean, I even judge people who use selfies on LinkedIn. It feels like wearing flip flops to a meeting to me... which is really saying something. I mean, I work remotely most of the time and rarely even wear pants.



ps... NO MAINPAGE! Please, for obvious work-y reasons. Gracias!

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