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So, y'all have already transformed my daily makeup/skincare routine from "occasionally wipe at face with wet cloth then apply the wrong color of foundation" to a well-organized, effective process. I already notice my skin is clearer, brighter, and softer (though I'm still having some trouble with a few rough, red patches on my cheeks near my jawline...grr...not even shea butter seems to quench them!).

Now, I need your help with clothes (très pathetique, non?). I am moving from being a household tutor to being a graduate student/TA. I have a "decent" wardrobe now, though it suffers from quite a few flaws:

- 90% of my items are hand-me-downs from people who are either bigger or smaller or much older than I. That means I rarely have things that fit well. Or they're from middle school.


- 90% of the items I have that fit well are very childish looking or not appropriate for the professional setting I am aiming at with a few exceptions. I have a nice, thin tweed blazer that I love, but it desperately needs to be tailored (way too big for me). I have a nice black suit jacket that does fit and pairs well with slacks or jeans. I have an extensive and beloved scarf collection. But that's about it.

- All of my clothes are very feminine, which doesn't reflect my personality or gender identity at all. I'd really like more gender neutral professional clothing (google has like zero results when I try to find stuff) OR have a small female and small male wardrobe. I'm not comfortable 100% crossdressing in public (yet!), but I'd like some more neutral/masculine items for when I need them.

- I have 2 pairs of shoes (green flats, flip flops, snow boots).

Most blogs I've read (Academichic, for example) are aimed at the hyperfeminine. Everything is silky, flowery, skirts, etc. Although I don't mind having 1-2 outfits like that, I'd be very sad to have a whole wardrobe.


Any ideas? Price IS a concern, but I'm trying to save up some money this summer to afford revamping my clothes because I really need to look professional! I would prefer fewer items but items that have multiple uses. I feel like I have SO many clothes but I dislike almost all of them or they don't fit.

I've got my makeup down (though I need to learn about lipstick)...so can y'all help me with clothes?



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