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Professor flunks entire class for "disrespectful" behavior.

So it was interesting to notice this trending story on FB - my daughter’s future sleepy little campus is making national news after a professor failed his entire class & threw in the towel.

Here’s the thing all of those “GOOD FOR HIM! Kids don’t respect anyone today!” facebook commenters don’t know. This class is a required course for the Maritime Administration & Logistics major, which happens to be a maritime-focused business program which offers a 5 year Masters program.


Additionally, the professor has admitted in a pretty epic “throw the baby out with the bathwater” fashion that several students were satisfactory in both discipline and academics, yet they were also failed.

Perusing comments, I found one former (heated, bitter rival) UT professor who stated “Seriously? TAMU-Galveston??? No way. Every Aggie I’ve ever met is polite to the point of being painfully so.”

So, I’m biased, but I’m not buyin’ it. (One other commenter stated he was in the class and the “flip out” was based on a group project the class was working on, where the professor left the group “twisting in the wind” on expectations for the project.)

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