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Professor Saga, cont...

This guy, I swear. He's the worst. Do I have any recourse for this? He's not adequately teaching the material and at this rate there is no way we're going to cover everything that needs to be covered. Now my presentation partner is worried that he's going to give us a bad grade on our presentation in retaliation because I became visibly annoyed at his inability to clearly explain the concepts in the rubric. Since it is a subjective thing I suppose he can do that if he were so inclined. I think I'll record it.

A little background, we're supposed to have covered through chapter 10. The material that our presentation is on is from chapters 7 and 8. We just finished chapter 3. Since we haven't covered the material yet I don't really know what he's looking for. What we have covered is some high school biology and health. I cannot get him to define, in clear language, the conditions of the grading rubric. I am an A student, this is not typically difficult for me.

I want to go to the department head. Too drastic? I haven't gotten an evaluation sheet for any of my classes so far and don't expect one for this class. I am not getting my money's worth. I need to know this stuff. I am dissatisfied and would like a refund thankyouverymuch.

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