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Progesterone shots during pregnancy, anyone with experience?

Because my son was born almost 5 weeks early, my doctor has recommended that I start getting weekly progesterone shots starting in my 22nd week of pregnancy. I'm doing research now, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with or knowledge about this? I'm reading a report from 2011 on an NIH site that, on the one hand, makes it sound very safe. On the other hand, it says that previous studies have conflicted about how useful it is, and that it only seems to prevent 1/3 of recurrent pre-term births.

I am hesitant because 1) my son was born totally healthy at 35 weeks + 2 days, and the studies suggest that women who benefit most from this previously gave birth at 34 weeks or earlier. 2) Nothing I've seen addresses if there is any possibility of long-term problems for the child, and so far I haven't seen mention of studies that follow up with children several years (or more) into the future. I'm not a scientist so I don't know if this is a ridiculous concern. 3) There are side effects, the most common being pain at the injection site, but I've seen women mention others such as nausea.

My doctor thinks this is a good idea, but she also said that she won't pressure me because my son wasn't that early and because he was healthy. Another factor is that I'm teaching a class that ends two weeks before my due date. Being an adjunct, my position there is precarious so disappearing before the semester ends would really not be good. There are other adjuncts and grad students teaching other sections of this class, so I am optimistic that I can arrange with someone to cover me worst-case scenario— it wouldn't represent much extra work other than class time, since it's the same course, and I would pay them, which I guess many adjuncts and grad students would find highly appealing. :) Obviously it would be better for this not to happen. But I don't really want to make a medical decision based on a job that pays less in a year than what this pregnancy/delivery will cost, that is casual labor with no guarantee for future employment, and isn't something I intend to make a career of once I am able to go back to working full-time.


Has anyone considered or taken this shots? Any thoughts about side effects or any other issues?

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