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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Progesterone (TW: Pregnancy)

Has anyone had their progesterone monitored during pregnancy while on vaginal suppositories? Mine dropped to 9 @ 6 weeks so I was put on the suppositories; had a recheck today and it only went up to 15 @ 8 weeks. There seems to be mixed viewed in the medical community about how much gets absorbed into the bloodstream since it's vaginal insertion specifically so it gets as close to uterus as possible. My primary high risk doctor isn't worried and says it's fine (especially since we confirmed a heartbeat), especially since it was evening, but I'm still paranoid. I left a message for my new high risk doctor at Columbia NY-Pres, but of course I can't.calm.down!

Me right now:


ETA: Dr. at Columbia said current level is of no concern to him.

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