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I've been researching changing careers, as my current one as a freelancer in video production has been floundering for far far too long.

The logical step would be something computer science related, as I have a degree in that from way back when. There seem to be a lot of graduate programs with big companies where they put people on rotation for a number of roles before finding them a permanent place, which would be great, but they seem to be restricted to recent graduates. Has anyone been through one of these progrms? Did you like it? Hate it? Are there any programs that would accept not so recent graduates?


I think an area I would be interested in moving into is interface design/ interaction design. I've been going to some lectures and talks, and it sounds really interesting, and it seems to be a booming area. I'm not quite sure what the path into it is like though – a lot of people seem to be moving across from web design, maybe? There is only one subject in UI design at my University available at the moment, so maybe that's sufficient for entry, but then out in the world there seems to be an endless array of courses and information. Has anyone here worked in UI design? Did you like it? Did you hate it? What path did you take into it?

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