I appreciate the support and the faith you have in my writing, but I'm writing here for YOU. The commenters of Groupthink. Dassit.

There is no need to lament that my pieces don't get mainpaged, or that a MP author also covers the same topic. That's their job. They're being paid to write about what's happening now. I tend to get write-ups posted faster because I have nothing else to do. I also don't have to worry about getting sued if I make a misstep because I clicked publish too soon.

I'm grateful when I get mainpaged, because I do like the idea of more people seeing my work, but getting mainpaged is not a goal of mine. Sometimes, I do hope certain things will get mainpaged because I know they are unlikely to be covered otherwise, but I do have my own blog and social media presence. I post here because you guys have the knowledge and understanding necessary to engage with me on the topics that I want to talk about. I'm not writing to get a job. I'm writing because that's how I process.

So again, thank you for supporting my writing, but there is NO NEED to shit on the MP for my sharing my posts, or to apologize to me because you got MPds and I didn't. It is wholly unnecessary, and it's really NOT that serious.


ETA: Also, realistically, there is bad blood between me and the MP. I am loud. And I have called them out on several occasions. You know this. That said, I am 90% sure there is no massive conspiracy to prevent me from being MPd. It's just life. And frankly, being MPd opens you up to trolling. That Miley piece wasn't even MPd and I was trolled FOR DAYS. Both here and on my own blog, and via email. The Kim Kardashian piece brought trolls for a week. As you can imagine, my being a black woman makes the trolling that much worse. Trust me, I am not pining for the main page.