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Welcome To The Bitchery

Double post but! I went to an event called the “Corn Feed” (no one fed me corn or anything so????) where 11 (I think?) of the Dem hopefuls spoke. I thought I’d give you a brief rundown of what we saw/heard.

And, if you’re interested, you can see video of the whole thing here:


I’m just gonna give you some impressions and I’ll be honest, it was miserably hot and miserably humid so I didn’t stay for the whole thing, though I did stay for most of it.

So, impressions:

  • Bennett, Delaney, and Williamson had a hard time getting much of a reaction from anyone; people just plain ol’ spoke over them and/or left the field to go get drinks while they spoke. We’re Iowans so there were a few polite claps but that’s about it.
  • I saw hundreds and hundreds of people today, many wearing t-shirts and/or buttons supporting their preferred candidate. I only saw one person, a lil ol’ lady, wearing a Biden item (a button). The Biden table was by far the loneliest table at the event. (Biden wasn’t here to speak, just a note).
  • There were very few Bernie folks. He had a table and I saw a couple white duded walking around with Bernie shirts but that was about it (when I say “a couple,” I literally mean 2 guys). I think the love affair is ending? has ended? Hopefully! (Bernie wasn’t here, either).
  • I was surprised by Tim Ryan’s speech; it was more progressive than I expected.
  • Did Jay Inslee even actually show up? I honestly couldn’t tell you.
  • Klobuchar was about what you would expect; folksy and focused on infrastructure and education. Not sure if it’s because we’re neighbors but she seemed to have a fair number of supporters in the crowd.
  • Seth Moulton made the case for impeaching Trump, as a moral imperative, for his whole speech. Nothing about him or his campaign. And, I mean, yeah, legit but I think he’s aware that he’s done. If you gotta use that time for something, impeaching Trump sounds like a good subject to speak on anyway.
  • People really liked Gillibrand, who gave a very good speech. Lots of young white women in Gillibrand gear.
  • People loved Castro, who gave a great speech.
  • People were fucking bonkers for Buttigieg, who also gave a great speech. To be fair, he seemed to have more supporters than anyone else before anyone spoke; I think I saw more Buttigieg gear than gear for any other candidate.
  • Buttigieg was the only candidate to talk at least a bit in depth about the deplorable tweets from He Who Shall Not Be Named today. He called out the racism and tapped into patriotic feelings by saying, “That’s not what the flag on my uniform represented when I fought in Afghanistan” type stuff.
  • Mayor Pete was the second to last speaker. Like the vast majority of folks, when Hickenlooper took the stage, we packed up and left. I’m sure that was heartbreaking for him to see but also, like, take the hint, dude.
  • De Blasio missed today’s event to be in NYC after the power outage. Although, I can say that there was a truck parked across the street with anti-De Blasio messages on the side for the duration of the event.

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