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I finally broke down and went to a pain clinic. Oh my god, why did I wait so long? This guy was awesome. His PA told him about my photosensitivity, so he only used the light from the X-ray board thing on the wall. 😭 He’s actually interested in the cervical spine arthritis that my migraine specialist brushed off, and I agree that it’s likely part of the problem. He also saw two more protruding disks than she did on my scan, and more nerve infringement. Yay? Well, yes yay, because this at least gives him a concrete starting point. What he explained about all of it makes a lot of sense for my situation, too. So now I’m scheduled for a nerve conductivity test and a trial run of nerve blocking injections over the next couple weeks. I’m excited and a little scared. They recommended sedation for the injections, so I imagine they aren’t pleasant. Oh well, there’s gotta be a trade off somewhere I guess. 


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