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Project Breadway: Spam Pizza, A Roaring Success!

Spam pizza was made tonight, and damn did it ever turn out well. Here's what went down.

I didn't do an overnight ferment of the dough, because impromptu. Which is fine, it's still yummy. The blob rose for about two hours, then the first rollout of the dough, lightly dusted with olive oil to prevent sogginess (I used that sherry bottle as a rolling pin because I couldn't find my regular one):


Add some sawrce. I'm not fancy, I use a cup or so of decent jarred marinara (Newman's Own Sockarooni tonight), pick out the chunky bits, then thicken it up with a half-can of tomation paste. Then toss in some grated parmagiano-reggiano, some garlic powder, oregano, whatever I feel like tasting, mix it all up. You want the sawrce to be thick, tangy and not too moist, to avoid aforementioned sogginess.

Then add chiz (I used 50/50 processed mutz and fresh mutz) and toppings. Tonight was sautéed munchrooms, chorizo, raw sweet onion, fresh basil leaves, a few sundried tomations, and SPAM.


Then into the hottest oven you can manage for ten minutes.

The finished product, hot out of the 600-degree oven, slightly scorched on the bottom but still foldable om nom nom:


The missus ate up and said "That was fantastic!" I hadn't quite elaborated on the ingredients (she's always wrinkled her nose at Spam), so I cheerily said "Wasn't the Spam a good idea?"

She blinked at me a minute. "Is that what that was?"



Another convert.

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