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Project Complete!

And the gift has been gifted!

As an update to my color woes of last week, I found not quite the right color but close enough that it’s not noticeable. (Side note: any DMC experts know a red darker than 304 and 498 but lighter than 815?)


It’s a favorite saying of my sister’s and we’ll go pick out a frame for it later this week. It’s mounted on foam board by pinning the cloth into the sides, which made it harder to center (it shifted a half inch off, so I may need to adjust it later) but it’s adjustable after finishing unlike the glue boards.

I’ve decided my next project will be a series of bookmarks. A bunch of tutorials have this great pre-finished Aida cloth band that’s 2 or 3 inches wide, so I’ll have to find a source for that. Anyone have some good reading quotes I can stitch?

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