I have a problem in picking my final project for a grad school class, and aloe-boy is no help at all.

I'm studying international development and they make us take stats. I hate it, but I've been doing better than anticipated (last homework assignment aside, that one was no bueno.) For our final project, he really wants us to do analysis on something in our field of interest; he expects that what we produce can be used as a writing sample when applying for jobs, things like that.

I tell people I'm doing gender and development or women's rights. What I'm really interested in is safe abortion access. Normally I'd have no issue writing a paper on this topic. Except for this prof...

Like, I know that most people in the program are liberal. I get that, but he has this bad habit of framing himself as like, Mr. Unpopular Opinions because he's conservative and/or religious. Like, someone sneezes and he says that he can't respond to that because it would be inappropriate and then says that I guess he can say "Gesundheit," the implication being that the more common "Bless you" would get him in **trouble**. Same for mentioning his wife and following up with "But I know that (marriage) is **unpopular** now..." most of the people in the program are women and the vast majority are married or engaged so, WTF?

I really don't know if I should do as he says and write the topic I want and risk it not being graded fairly, or write on a different topic that I won't really be able to use as intended and be a little bitter about it. I completely don't mind that my professor doesn't agree with me politically, I'm sure others haven't. Just don't be weird and make a big deal about it, you know?!