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My cries for attention and praise remain unheard, or at least unacknowledged (though I can't imagine that the great Princess would be so rude as to ignore my lovely creation once she's seen it). What tactics should I employ next?

Post on GT every ten minutes? No, that would be annoying to other Groupthinkers.

Email? I don't have Fluffybutt's email address (and Kinja hasn't provided us with private messaging yet).

Classified? Possibility. I would have to target every city in the US/Canada/UK/the world since I don't know where Fluffybutt lives.

Skywriting? Same problem as the classifieds.

Rearrange a constellation to spell out Fluffybutt? Research and development would take too long.

I will retire to my study to ponder these options and reconsider my creation. Perhaps it is my banner that is not adequate; perhaps, in spite of my efforts, it is not yet worthy of the Princess; maybe she doesn't like flowers. Maybe she doesn't like bunnies. I will also have to consider other animals.

I am not giving up yet.

ETA: link to my previous post.

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