So my latest obsession is Project Gutenberg, where I found the elusive King In Yellow (Carcosa, where the black stars rise), and a few other good books (Mostly by Bierce, like Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories, The Damned Thing, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge-All of which are required reading). But the best by far is How to Analyze People on Sight.

Oh my God, it's good. Like, better than those (Absolutely bullshit) Meyers Briggs Tests that tell you which Princess you are and/or which Harry Potter character you are. Except I got Malfoy, so they're sorta correct.

The book is about the 1921 version of telling you who you are-and others-and then which career you should have, what you should stay away from, who to marry, etc. It's not a quiz, more like seeing traits in yourself. Yeah, that's kinda a psychological trick to see what we want to see. But I'm The Cerebral Type, which is pretty accurate.

So, who are you? Did you wake up in a SoHo doorway? Or are you just fucking crazy and enjoy blowing up drum sets?

Plus Project Gutenberg has a bomb crime selection, so that's fucking rad.