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Project MC2

I am currently at my parents house and have been seeing ads for Project MC2 science lab. It caught my eye because it is encouraging girls to do science but isn’t pink. Looking more into it, I found out it is a TV show, abs I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. It seems pretty great. Here is one review of it.

Camryn is basically a mechanical engineer who has, among other projects, created a suped up skateboard and a police surveillance device. Bryden is more into hacking and electronics, taking apart old smartphones to create a spy/selfie pen (oh yes, this is a pro-selfie show). Adrienne specializes in culinary chemistry, using science to make deliciousness (there’s a running joke in the show that no one realizes culinary chemistry is a thing, but I went to culinary school and I can tell you that yes, it’s a thing). And then there’s McKeyla, who, as the seasoned super spy, is more well-rounded in her skills, studying a variety of deduction and scientific topics to be the best.

I’m really excited Netflix is doing something like this!

It isn’t perfect, the cast is diverse, but the dolls reflect the Bratz design their creator was part of. But that also reflects the dolls girls are already playing with, making it an easier integration into their playing.


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