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Welcome To The Bitchery

I want to start this: a running list of terrible shit our elected representatives say and do. (Note: if this already exists, I will not do this project, but I can’t seem to find the resource). I guess I’d also want to include some appointed ones, but only for the purpose of blaming the people who helped appoint them. I am excluding Trump because I don’t think we’ll need to keep up our motivation to get him out of office, and because I also think the rest of the world is handling that just fine.

I think I can be vigilant keeping this up, but I need to get caught up to this point. I want to start roughly with the 2016 election cycle just to make the task manageable.

My purpose here is two-fold:

  1. So that when we are overwhelmed with awfulness and have difficulty remembering, it’s all recorded.
  2. So that when these guys are up for their reelections, there is an easy resource to hand out to other liberals to keep them motivated to vote in midterms/lower elections. Like, I want everyone to get a page listing their crimes against their people.

Logistical issues:

  • Do we know of an easy way to comb through news articles from certain dates?
  • Can we think of an easy way to keep track of when bills are introduced into the House or Senate?
  • Can we think of an easy way to keep track of relationships between donors and elected officials? I want to have this information handy whenever someone is voting.
  • I’m thinking if I can set up Google Alerts in a smart way, I can get this done, but every time I attempt a Google Alert about anything I get stuff that’s never relevant. Is anyone out there better at this than me?!
  • I’m also thinking I want to start another Twitter account that follows all elected reps and no one else. Is there an easier way to manage my own feed instead of create a whole new account?

I will probably also try to police local Louisiana politics, but that will be a little more difficult to gather info on so I’m starting national.

Submit awful things to me any time, anywhere!

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