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First, I have to ask, did anyone see Alyssa Milano on Craig Ferguson the other night? I was thinking particularly of you, themeaganshow, because her hair looked amazing! She must have a better personal stylist than the one she used for PR:All Stars. And she was funny and natural, not stiff and annoying, which is what I expected!

ANYWAY. Last week was the QVC challenge, which was a) stupid and b) brought the show to a new low of constant product endorsements. Even the bottled water brand they drink got a shout out. When is this season over again??

So Korto finally won!! I don't think this was her best garment this season, but I'm still glad she won. She's been passed over a few times for dresses I thought were truly lovely.


And it's bye bye Irina, for the FUCKING WEDDING DRESS YOU MADE. What the hell, lady? So not sorry to see her go.

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