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Project Runway: American Girl Doll

Spoilers Ahoy! Yes, those freaky dead doll eyes give me nightmares.

How friggin' adorable were all those little girls? I don't think I would have been able to hide my giggly joy seeing them work the runway. And I'm not a huge fan of kids. I hope my siblings have some rill fast so I can buy them ALL the cute baby clothes.


So on to the looks!

I didn't mind Korina's this week. I agreed with the judges that the graphic pattern was cute and interesting. She essentially made her kid into a Mini Korina. I could totally see her wearing a version of that dress in her size.


Kini's was killer cute and totally deserved the win. I would have worn the shit out of that dress as a little girl and I want a grown-up version for me now, coat included.


Sharkita's fringey vest was absolutely adorable. Would also have loved to have that to play with all day.



I just...there are no words for how fugly this was. In case you are wondering, there are snaps up the back like a baby onesie. That kid is at least 9 years old.

I am so glad that Sandhya and her terrible design aesthetic are finally out of the competition. Tim basically expressed what I've been thinking about her designs this whole time. I don't get why the judges liked any of the stuff she put down that runway. She should have been eliminated in that first challenge when she presented that ripped shoulder mess of a dress.


Next week:

I'm excited because the regular, on the street people get all "NO!" when the designers try to use them as muses. I'd say "HELL YEA, try to fit these monster boobs, designers!"

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