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Project Runway - Good Lord how old am I? (Minor Spoilers)

Is anyone else watching? I’m old (well not an AARP member yet but I feel like I’m about 97) and not fashion forward at all just FYI so my hot takes are probably more like sour grapes from Edna on Mama’s Family. But I’m curious to hear what others think.

I haven’t watched PR since the season with Jeffrey and Laura many moons ago. I thought Jeffrey’s stuff, while well made was just fug and frankly something of a flash in the pan. I know Laura’s stuff wasn’t “exciting” but it seemed like the stuff that fashion has kind of forgotten as they moved towards a fast fashion use it up and toss it out ethos. I thought, and still think that fashion leaves a whole bunch of people in the cold by focusing on flash for every piece instead of quality basics that can be worn for more than a single season. Or say shirts that flatter boobs or come with multiple necklines so you don’t feel like a hooker on parade. I don’t want to show allll my cleavage at the office thanks. Or even on a Saturday, in a supposedly “normal” t shirt. Also I think that by courting flash they ignore the problem people (aka anyone over size 0 and under 6 ft). I’m impressed that they chose to use models of many sizes this season. And that they rotate so everyone will have to work with someone plus size at some point.


But goodness what a bunch of children they have this season. Some seem like they need 24/7 therapists to follow them around and some are just, sigh, so incredibly overdone. It’s only the second episode but so far so many seem to be so contrived and curated they kind of become meaningless. They’re like bad instagram filters instead of people. Probably part of it is that they haven’t quite grown into themselves yet (although I know plenty of folks over 40 who haven’t managed that so maybe it’s not age and more sense of self?) Either way it’s kind of exhausting to watch so many people try to take up all the air in the space.

I’m loving Ayana(sp?) who designs “modest” looks that are appropriate for Muslim women who cover. I’d much prefer to wear her stuff than the booty shorts some others seem to think is a-ok day wear.

I was thrilled with the judges this week - Maggie Q and the Marie Claire editor Anne Fulenwider (sp?) who were just straight up telling one designer to grow up and realize that her model was not plus size but normal, and that if they wanted to design for actual people they should pull their head out of their ass.

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