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Project Runway Live Thread

Swatch welcomes you to another evening of Project Runway. Tonight’s episode: “Gunn and Heid: The designers battle for their fabric via a paintball competition (PUH-LEEZ), then they try to create a six-piece collection. The guests judges are Kelly Osbourne and Lisa Perry.” (I like recap’s use of the word “try”.)

Did you agree with last week’s results? (I did NOT agree with the winner. Among the three low scorers, it was a race to the bottom.) Will Amanda cry because she doesn’t know what the judges WAAAAAAAAAANT? Will someone blow Blake away with a well-aimed paintball shot? (We can only hope.)


Spoilers be below. Let’s start the show!

ETA: I’d like to sincerely apologize if I’ve missed anyone’s comments. Kinja is being especially frustrating tonight. I’d like to AUF Kinja, based on shoddy construction.

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