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Project Runway Live Thread

(Swatch says “meh”.)

Hello, and welcome to tonight’s Project Runway Live Thread. Tonight’s episode: “Roll Out the Red Carpet”. The description: “The designers land in Los Angeles to create red-carpet looks in the final challenge before Fashion Week. Designer and past Project Runway winner Christian Siriano (YAY!) is the guest judge.”


I wonder what “celebrity” they’ll be designing red carpet looks for. I hope it’s not Heidi, because then it’ll be nothing but plunging necklines and thigh-high slits. And see-through whatever. I’d like it if they had to design for Cate Blanchett. Or Tilda Swinton. SWINTON.

So, we’re down to four. None of these designers are exactly knocking my thigh-high fishnet stockings off. Do you think Tim Gunn will use his “save” this season? I could see it happening tonight, meaning all four designers would go to Fashion Week. Not that any of them are necessarily deserving of it, though.

Let’s start the show!

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