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Project Runway Live Thread

Hello, and welcome to the Project Runway live thread. Tonight’s’ episode is “Finale, Part 1”. And the big question remains: Will Tim still use his “save” on Edmond? (And can he also use it on Glenn? Please?)

Here’s the thing: We know that they always show 7-8 designers at Fashion Week, just so there are no spoilers. So we know that Edmond showed a collection there, which means Tim could still use the save on him. The episode recap says that, after Tim visits them at home, “they then return to New York, complete with a twist”. The twist is usually that they have to create an additional look, but I think it’s entirely possible that Edmond may come back at the end of this episode.


Given my admittedly lackluster predictive abilities, though, I could easily be entirely wrong. What do YOU think?

Let’s start the show!

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