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Hello, and welcome to the PR live thread. Tonight’s episode is “Sink or Swim”: “The group creates swimsuits in a Heidi Klum Swimwear challenge, but a lack of swimsuit experience sorely tests some contestants. Model Lucky Blue Smith is the guest judge.” (I have never heard of Lucky Blue Smith.)

Erin is certainly a front runner this season. I don’t think she should have won, though. It was very pretty, and I liked it in the blacklight, but it was hardly “innocent” in the daylight. It was still a bra showing through a transparent top. And I do NOT think Jenni should have been in the top last week; her look was ridiculous in the daylight. I think the more successful looks were the ones that didn’t look, you now, BONKERS in the daylight. Anyway.

So, a swimsuit challenge tonight. Not my favorite. Expect to see plenty of escaping cheeks, if experience is any teacher.


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