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Hello, and welcome to the PR live thread. Normally I’d feature an image of the winner, but this time I just had to include this. WHAT has HAPPENED to Erin? My reaction was the same as Tim’s: “Eeesh!”. She’s really gone downhill since the beginning of the season. Rik was a deserving winner; his dress with the heart and the white stitching was adorable and beautifully made. Also, I didn’t like the pattern mix at first, but upon re-watch, Roberi’s dress was lovely, too.

Tonight’s episode: “A Power Trip — The designers go on a helicopter ride above New York; the designers must create an editorial, high fashion look for Marie Claire magazine.” “Editorial” challenges are often like “avant garde” challenges, in that it’s a term that everyone interprets (for better or worse) differently.

Let’s start the show!


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