Have we talked about this yet? I looked around and didn't see a Project Runway thread from today.

Ok so, I'm suuuuper glad that Tim used his save for Shar. Her dress was lovely this week. I was honestly annoyed at Sandhya for dragging Shar into that hideous color. I can't with Sandhya's aesthetic or poor construction. Her designs are consistently fug. This week's was another fug disaster. She needs to get gone, asap.

I love Kini. His construction skills are bananas good. This week was a bit out of his norm with the issues with the bra cups but the design overall was fantastic.

AMANDA STOP TRYING WITH THE ORGANZA. You suck with organza. Your seams were hideous. That jacket is the worst. The jumpsuit was fabulous though. It was the first bit of clothing I really liked that she's made. I hate that she keeps using the "I took a risk" excuse. "Taking a risk" doesn't mean "don't judge me harshly".

This face when Nina said she's happy to see Amanda challenging them gave me life:


That was totally my face. Madwoman In The Attic was right, Amanda's got naked pictures of all the judges, I'm sure of it.


Sean Kelly's was elegant and complimented all of that ostentatious jewelry really well. That model was so cute showing off in that dress!


WHAT THE HELL WITH KORINA'S COAT? The dress was gorgeous but THAT COAT. Yargh. And she won???? What are they smoking this season???

I'm ok with Samantha leaving. The dress was boring. Alex's would have been ok if he'd pinned the top down to show the jewel.


What did you all think?