Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tim's approaching Hernan and his suit from behind, with the comical music, was made of win. H's THs were so whiny.

fade's commentary & Sam's TH re: Amanda was awesome. I'm sorry, the fringe is both fugly & not fashion forward. I don't need fringe to return.


Kristine's model is pretty!

Green lips? Oh, it's Sandhya. Okay.

We know this won't be the Tim Gunn's save challenge.

Sandhya's response to Hernan (flipping him off) - fucking perfect.

Love these looks: Alexander (love the volume of the skirt (Ha! So does Heidi!)), Sam, Emily (for the second week in the row for me! - Okay, Emily's on my list of contenders!)
Like these: Kini (really like), Korina, Char's collar (-the bow). fade's intrigued me.


Nice of Kristine to pick Korina, her direct competitor.

Bethany kissing up to Amanda :p
Heidi, sparing no feelings: It looks like a shredded mess. (no beat) Alexander!...
(whose blushing was adorable.)
Hernan's model, when he starts defending his work! That face she's making truly said it all.


I wanna be a vagina superhero! But not with a fug-dress like that.

Where is the imagination? Aw, Sean, I love your accent, but your taste level. Meh!


And meh, again, to fringe girl winning :(

Hooray for no more Hernan! At least he didn't punch the camera man or yell at us with facial masque on.


2 outs next week!

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