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Project Runway Wedding Challenge

I want to hear your thoughts!

I am in love with Sean & Kini's reception outfit, and I wear high-waisted pants exactly never, but I would make it work for that outfit. It looked beautiful going down the runway, those sleeves and the back were just beautiful... and I wish Kini could have won, but I'm glad he was at least on the winning team + got acknowledgement for the concept. I don't find volume at the waist super attractive, so the dress didn't do a lot for me.

Sam & Alexander! I wanted so much more from you! You were kinda my dream team! The lace was beautiful and you fucked it up! Applique! UGH!


Korina + Amanda. I laughed at the awkwardness. What made Korina think that was a good idea, to call her out? It's too early for KF to be responsible. Dumb de dumb dumb duuuumb. Not that Amanda didn't have it coming. Also? Korina's shiny!suit was rather fugly, and Amanda's "not fringe" fringe dress seemed too casual.

If only everyone could exit with as much class as Char. I know Tim didn't mean his pack-your-knives-and-go speech to sound so awkward, and Char handled it really classily. The less said about her team's looks, the better. I'll say it again, I really enjoy Sandhya's personality, but I don't think she has much longer in the competition.

They were pretty harsh with Emily's look. I didn't get the diamond thing on the torso, but thought the lace veil was pretty awesome. Fade's fabric probably looked cool up close.

Who are your final three at this point? I'd like to see Kini, Sam, and Alexander or Emily as final 3.

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