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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Promotion thread went *poof* & OT

Thanks to everyone who helped by donating, sharing, and/offering suggestions. Raised over $250 this weekend, getting my kids and parents involved tomorrow. Keep ya posted.

I just did a mental map of the neighborhood my school site (where I teach) is in for a grad school. It’s odd to think about because I grew up in the same neighborhood, literally lived around the block from my school site through middle and high school. Every place I lived from age 9-17 is within 2 miles of where I now work. Even the 2 places I lived when I moved back at 25 years old are in the same area (I live in the next town over now). Not a whole lot in this specific area has changed since I moved away for 8.5 years then returned. My students are basically living the same life I did 13-22 years ago. Funny how much things can stay the same. Anyway, bed time. Good night, feel free to turn this into an OT.


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