I just went through the last 16 hours of my Facebook feed, after not checking Facebook for several days. Within that 16 hour period, there were 3 links to different Groupthink articles, each by a different person, none of whom were me. (I expect that my friends would share my things since I share some to Facebook, so I would have excluded those in the count.)

Also, 4 of my friends shared Burt's take on the guy who signed up for OKC as a woman.

To all of you, including our fearless leader and moderators— I thought you should know: whether you are Team Cat, Team Dog, Team Undecided, Team Allergic, Team Spike, Team Opposed to Fuzzy Things, Team CatDoge, or Team None of the Above, you all rock!

ETA: We are now getting backlash from anonymous MRA trolls on the mainpage, and there is apparently an anti-Groupthink backlash, both from people who felt excluded because they got called out on problematic behavior and by people who expose their jealousy for not belonging to a community where they feel that they are supported. So dear trolls, thanks for alerting us to the fact that we have really hit the big time!


Haters gown hate.