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Updated: Here's the link. It's a go.

Here's the link: Help Madison Chase Away Cancer!!!

If you'd like to purchase silicone bracelets, please contact me personally at kbarrick (at) gmail (dot) come. Additional shipping and handling will occur with that.


Any suggestions about presentation, editing, etc. is still appreciated. I'll get a chance to breathe this weekend (I hope) and put up a better post about what's going on.

Also, please share the link to your family and friends (if you feel comfortable doing so). The more people who know about Madison and feline mammary cancer, the better. And honestly, every dollar helps not only Madison but our ENTIRE family.

p.s. No pressure or stress to do this. Just reading this feels good for me. Giving money to ANYONE is not required on GT. It's entirely up to you and I don't look down on anyone who does not donate.


I've finally gotten something written and saved (first draft exploded via Force Quit) for Madison's gofundme page. Silicone bracelets came in the mail yesterday and chemo starts next week. Staples come out today. So yeah... a little stressed and moving into the big time.


Here's what I've got for the intro page for her. Proof reading and suggestions based on your experience or heart strings would be awesome. I think I need a little encouragement to finally go green light on this. The number I'm going for in this is over $7000. There are other fundraising ideas (the bracelets and the cross stitches) but I put the whole number on there for simplicity and clarity.

I'm getting nervous dealing with all of this and her treatments coming up. They're going to be during the week (meaning me... alone). The initial rush of activity is done and the reality of her cancer is here.


Here is the post


Weeks ago, I felt a large lumpy mass under one of our female cat's, Madison, front legs. In less than two hours, we found out what is was: mammary cancer.We've decided that Madison (an otherwise healthy, ornery, active 8 year old tortie) deserves all of the help we can give to fight this cancer and we need your help.


Any and all donations are appreciated and go directly to paying for her mammectomy and upcoming chemotherapy treatment. She is being treated at the Chicago Veterinary Cancer Center.

Search for #cancercat on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for frequent updates on Madison, her cat brothers and her dog brother-in-law. Please share this page with friends. Part of my goal with documenting Madison's treatment is to let more people know about early cancer detection in their pets. PET YOUR PET! ALL OVER! We wouldn't have found her tumor had I not been petting her in a place she doesn't like. Check out SugarRub.org for details on doing a mammary exam.


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