I have been told by a lot of people that my life is like a movie. I never know whether that's a compliment or an insult, to be honest. Weird shit just happens to me. Odd connections run in my family.

But today? Today I believe them. Here's why:

As we all know, my day has sucked (that thread has been hidden, but one quick update: they locked me out of the email system. Still haven't resigned or quit, fyi). Anyway, because my day has sucked, I felt that I deserved a nice walk in the sunshine to stretch out my muscle spasms, get some sushi, and birthday cards for the Captain (he turns 36 tomorrow! Wooo!)

Everything went swimmingly...until I got home, that is.

I went to grab my keys in my purse and they weren't there. Huh? I know I locked the door. Not only locked it, but unlocked it, reached in to close and lock the sliding glass door, AND relocked the door. I did all my errands, got my delicious, delicious sushi, paid for my meds that I need until I go to the pain specialist and yet...I still couldn't find my keys.

That's when I remembered: I took out the trash before I went on my walk. Please, God. Please God, no.


I literally rewalked my entire route, hoping against hope that my keys had just magically fallen out of my purse. But I had no choice: I had to go dumpster diving. In my shorts. And a t-shirt. AND FLIP FLOPS.


That's when I had the immediate thought, "This does not happen in real life. This is the scene in the rom com where everyone groans because it does not happen in actuality."


So tell me, GT: what's happened to you that's Stranger Than Fiction?