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Proof the filthy stinking rich DO have different rules (TW: sexual abuse)

As if we actually needed proof.

I really wish I hadn't been eating dinner while I was reading the USA Today online, (WARNING: do not read the story at the link if you have any issues at all with child sexual abuse - really, really REALLY ... do not read) but I was. I was sitting at the bar, reading on my iPad - yeah, I'm a hoot at a bar, what can I say - and I thought I was going to hurl.

You can't tell me if this guy hadn't been named John Green and he had been a minimum wage sales clerk or fast food worker that he wouldn't have gotten jail time for these crimes. The fact that he was basically able to buy his way out of this is disgusting. And haven't other du Ponts gotten out of crimes before? I don't know, on the one hand, yes, I know our justice system isn't exactly just. On the other hand, to see it so totally out of whack, to see children so blatantly harmed by it when they should have been protected just makes me want to punch someone. A judge, a defense attorney, one or all of the du Ponts ... I don't know, but someone needs punching.


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