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Inane post about St. Patrick's Day, in which a minor inconvenience turns into a proper celebration.

I think most of you know I live in Los Angeles, and today had a quintessential Los Angeles MO. I got home from work really quickly (great traffic in that there was no traffic which is downright unheard of), and there was zero parking. Parking in my neighborhood is usually bad, but this was downright terrible. I find a spot that prohibits parking from 1:30am-6am, so fine, I park and walk the couple blocks home and it's a madhouse.

And that's when I realize that it's a major Islamic holiday plus St. Patrick's Day and I live by an Islamic cultural center and an Irish bar. Naturally, the bar is already spilling into the streets, and the center is having a big festival in their parking lot. So no parking for residents.


Anyway, Mr. PKB and I have dinner, watch some tele, snuggle, whatnot, and a few hours later I go to move my car. Parking has now gotten so bad that we are dodging already-drunk idiots, cars are zooming up and down the alley, hijab-clad grandmothers are zipping in and out of the streets, and it's just a fucking mess and an accident waiting to happen.

So we end up driving fifteen-odd miles to another neighborhood to see some friends, where we hang out in a bar, drink a few, have some laughs, and discuss the ups and downs of the day. Sure, there was green tinsel on the stuffed animal head above the bar, and the bartender was wearing a Dropkick Murphys shirt, but the beer was undyed and we were in fellowship with our friends and sort-of neighbors. And isn't that what the day should be all about? If we're thinking of the real traditions of the Church's best self, and the culture of togetherness in the pub of the country, there's no better way to be a celebrant of the day. Be present with others, love them and accept them where they are, enjoy the hospitality of local society, tip your bartenders and tell a tall tale.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and remember that puking is no longer an accepted religious act. Slainte!

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