Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've interviewed with the same firm a few times over several years and the timing was never quite right, which is all good. They just contacted me a week ago out of the blue and we had another nice interview and we discussed many things. It's not my first choice of job, but they are lovely people and it would be a good place to be for awhile... I think.

One of these many things discussed was my basic knowledge (or really lack thereof) of a particular computer program. We definitely talked about it and I informed them I was at the same point of knowledge (rudimentary) as I was last spring. I have taken an intro class but it really is a complicated piece of software that I feel I will have no problem picking up with a little practice and regular use... Now, all of a sudden, I got another email asking me about my specific knowledge and I feel like there is a little bit of back pedaling on the job offer (that is not by any means a final/formal offer)... My friend suggested I play it up/lie about my knowledge and 'just get the job' but there is no faking this stuff and it sounds like a good way to set my self up to be fired or at least disappoint... Suggestions? Good turns of phrase to sell me without lying?


PS In the meantime, I will be practicing using the student version which is pretty much the professional version with a few tweaks. 'Cuz I need it to find a job anywhere in my very specific field (which I am trying to get out of, but that's another post).

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