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Proposed Legislation in Iran will Roll Back Women's Rights

Amnesty International UK has a campaign about a pair of bills currently making their way through the Iranian Parliament.

First: The Comprehensive Population and Exaltation of Family Bill (Bill 315)

If Bill 315 becomes law, women and girls will be:

  • Denied equal rights in employment, divorce and family relations
  • Not protected from domestic abuse or violence in any form
  • Favoured if they reconcile with their abusers
  • Constrained in their aspirations according to gender stereotypes defined by the state.

And second: The Bill to Increase Fertility Rates and Prevent Population Decline (Bill 446)

If Bill 446 becomes law, women and girls will be:

  • Denied access to modern contraception
  • Denied sex education if they don't pay for access to extra information
  • Stopped from learning how to protect their physical and mental health when it comes to sexual and familial relationships
  • Obliged to carry unsafe or unwanted pregnancies to term
  • Forced to seek dangerous and illegal abortions in secret.

Check out Amnesty's campaign at the link below:

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