Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Friends, many of you know a wonderful commenter who, through no fault of their own, has fallen among The Greys. You may in fact be one of them (I am!). And after discussion with others, the time has come to unite and help each other out.

I propose a League of Extraordinary Commenters, whose goal is to find those awesome gray commenters and recommend and follow them on Jezebel proper whenever possible. Even if you're gray yourself, your vote can't hurt, and in turn we will do the same for you.


I suggest that each of us attempt to, on at least one article per day, go through the greys, and vote up the good ones. This way we all help each other.

I will also list below some commenters who I know have been on Jez for a long time, who deserve to be out of the greys. If you want to go back to their comment history and recommend them to boost them up, once we get them out of the Greys, they can do the same for the rest of us. Feel free to suggest more below, or plug yourself, so the League has a place to start and names to look for.


Extraordinary Commenters, unite!


Below are a few commenters who have mentioned their grey status to me who are regulars here and could use a boost:



Candysummers: Vagina High Priestess






Some more long-timers have popped up grey, so here's a few more, and check the comments here as well for names to look for. Some commenters who haven't been here for a while tend to get a little nervous about commenting, so let's keep an eye out for them as well.



Iron Mam



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