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Pro's and Con's of Marathoning Halo

My best friend convinced me to stay up for two days marathoning Halo games and I have made a list of pro's and con's, if you were considering to do it yourself, or want to read jokes from a very sleep deprived girl.

Pro: i got used to everything again after not gaming for so long

Con: have gotten so little sleep that I'm wondering if I'm dying

Pro: i loved swearing for that many hours consistently

Con: im afraid i cant stop and will talk to my family like i talk to grunts when i visit tomorrow


Pro: had so much fun with my best friend and other friends who I hadn't seen in months

Con: What's 78 + 155 ?

Pro: showed her brothers sexist friend who's boss at the games- hint: its me (a woman) and my best friend (also a woman)


Con: I have no soul

Pro: got a ton of achievements, including the 'Bromageddon' one- because of course we are bros, only bros play Halo obviously


Con: help me

Pro: >:D

Con: >:(

Pro: i am better than all of you at halo now

Con: when i close my eyes im playing halo

Conclusion: No. Don't let your friends convince you to marathon halo for two full days.


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