It' been a long weekend.

So, I had some friends stay with me this weekend. But they're really my brothers friends, so I kinda know them, but not very well. And I thought "hey, this will be fun!". But, as much as it was fun, there were some serious problems. But some fun!


I barely got any sleep the night they came down, which I understand because they had to drive six hours. However, I thought there was only going to be three people. I got a last minute call-"hey, is it ok if we bring [person I have never heard of] with us?". Me being the overly nice person that I am, said "sure, that's cool". But oh, was it not...


First, the unknown alcoholic: So we wake up the next day, and I felt a bad vibe from this person I don't know. The first morning he pulls out a bottle of Jack and begins to chug 9am. Um, what? I'm not one to judge, but it made me super uncomfortable. All day he drank. Brought the Jack with us to a nice lunch place. And openly poured it into his drink. Which was embarrassing and tacky, in my opinion. It wasn't until that afternoon that my friend mentioned he was basically an alcoholic. Not gonna look down on that, because I'm not a saint, but seriously? Couldn't I have been warned before this person I do not know was going to pound the hard stuff his entire visit, and introduce me to his sketchy friends he met on the internet?

Second, the pot: One of the girls that I kinda grew up with decided to roll a joint in my apartment at 9am. What was this, drug time? Again, not one to judge, but not only is my apartment complex a pot-free zone, but so are my personal apartment rules. She was all "I'll smoke it outside" (because she was going to smoke it inside at first). Problem was that it's rather hot here and all my neighbors have their windows open. And I didn't even know this girl smoked pot! Cigarettes are cool, because I smoke (please don't judge my smoking, also I'm not looking down on anyone who smokes pot-super duper swear!). And this was also at 9am. Her boyfriend is 100% sober, so I was cool with that. But I wasn't down with getting the annoying "please can I smoke weed even though I don't have a permit and I'm underaged in your apartment" begging. Ain't nobody got time for that. Also she wanted to use her fake to buy alcohol at restaurants. Not cool (again, not judging,'s illegal and I didn't want to deal with cops).

The major con: Texted my brother with the above "nobody told me this shit!". His reply? "Well, I don't need to tell you everything about my friends. You're kinda being a bitch. And let them do that. It's not like it's going to matter?". I love my brother but...seriously dick? This information was kinda important. I have rules that I have to follow. Plus, it would have been nice to have my guests know them before hand.

Brunch: they expected me to take them out to an expensive brunch place and pick up the tab. Nope.


But, onto the Pros:

Pressed Juice: I recently discovered there is a pressed juice place a block away from my happy home! And I am addicted. It is so very good. I grabbed the girl I knew best (known her since I was 9). I took her there and she was hooked. Quickly the word spread, and we all got juice the next day. All were happy. Side note: I'm doing a cleanse starting Monday. Because why not?


Their gig: Ok, so I didn't go because I ended up passing out and just feeling like a zombie, and there was no way I was going to make it till midnight. But they had a lot of fun-except they had to chase around my sad drunk friend. Which sucks, but whatever. They enjoyed themselves, and I was really glad that the guy staying with me got to preform. Proud of him.

Them having fun in general: I had a fair amount of things to do this weekend, including meeting up with my friend who I haven't seen in ages. I know, bad hostess. But I gave them some places to hit up, and they had fun! Since I don't really know them, I figured they would be happy together (the boyfriend and girlfriend, because the alcoholic left-and came back last minute, and my old neighbor went to Disneyland). They understood, and were really grateful that I pointed them in the right direction.


My semi-good hosting skills: made sure the towels were always clean, that they felt comfortable, and that they had enough coffee. I'm not used to having guests, but I did my best. And they were very well behaved after I put my foot down and said no drugs, and no early drinking in my place. But they were sweet for the most part, and I really did enjoy having them.

But I will be so glad when they hit the road, because I have a ton of shit to do.


Update: They left an hour ago and I managed to get all my cleaning done. Funny how there's more to clean after having guests...