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Protest Tonight (Join me in Boston?) and Black Friday

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For those of you feeling awful about the Ferguson verdict and wanting to do SOMETHING about it, consider going to a demonstration tonight. Here's a list of demonstrations in various places across the country, and around the world.


I plan on attending #IndictAmerica tonight in Boston, hosted by Black Lives Matter. If other Boston GTers would like to join me, let me know. From their page:

To America, Darren Wilson is Innocent. INDICT AMERICA.

Darren Wilson was delivered no indictment. We know that killer cops are viewed as law abiding citizens. Darren Wilson says he was just doing his job. He's right. Richard Haste, Ramarley Graham's murderer, claims he did nothing wrong. He's right. Cops who murder Black and brown people in the name of America's capitalist white supremacy aren't just innocent; they're commended for a job well done. INDICT AMERICA.

People in 10 cities in the US are currently planning to turn up in their own cities when the verdict is announced. JOIN US!

B2 Boston Police Station — Dudley Square
2400 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02119


Also, consider protesting by not spending any money this Black Friday. #NotOneDime

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